Hi! We’re Reccefy. It’s so great to meet you. Here is some info about who we are and how we got started, so that we can get to know each other a bit better.

Our Name

About 50% of people say our name right first time, the other half don’t. No need to worry if you are in the second group, you’re probably good at other things.

Reccefy comes from the industry term “recce” which is an informal way to say “reconnaissance mission”, or in other words, a scout to check out the lay of the land. We added the “fy”, mainly coz it sounds cool and the domain name was available, but also because we do the recce For You. Get it?! Pretty clever.

Just so that everyone is on the same page, we pronounce it /rɛkɪ,faɪ/, like “rectify” without the ‘t’. We don’t really mind if people accidentally call us “Rectify”, coz we aim to rectify all of your location problems.

There. See? It’s actually quite simple once someone explains it, right?

Our Mission

To make location scouting simple by connecting people who have space with creatives who need it.

Our Vision

We see a welcoming, fun and safe community where Creators can find Hosts and book their unique locations through a streamlined, progressive and secure process. Physical recces will become an option rather than a necessity and both parties will benefit with Hosts gaining an additional revenue stream and Creators saving time and money.

Our Strategy

Reccefy aims to solve the location conundrum both now and in the future by being;

Sure our world is social, but as we “connect” more we seem to no longer know our neighbours. We’ve designed Reccefy to be a peer-to-peer platform which enables direct communication between Hosts and Creators, to cut out the red tape and facilitate connection and belonging within our industry.

Why solve just a part of the problem, when we can fix it all? We aim to provide an end-to-end solution for all of your location needs. Whilst there are still a few gaps in beta mode, we currently offer the following; searching, shortlisting, chatting, booking, recceing, and invoicing functions, all the way through to reviewing each other at the end.

Safe & Secure
We promote kindness and inclusion and will work hard to ensure a safe and productive community. By utilising the latest in information security and sophisticated payment gateways, we endeavour to keep your personal & financial information secure.

Easy to use
New technology is no good if it’s too hard to get your head around. We have developed a platform that we believe is simple to use and are open to constant feedback from our Creators and Hosts on ways to make it even better! Already have some feedback? Get in touch.

We believe in our platform and business model, so we’re not hiding anything. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent. If you can’t find any info you need about how we work here, check out our FAQs.

Cost effective
By connecting a marketplace of Creators and Hosts directly, we are reducing the money spent by all. Creators spend less on searching for options and doing recces, and Hosts don’t pay advertising fees.

Technologically progressive
Starting out, we are offering simple VR integration using 360° photos but hope to evolve and progress as technology gives us the opportunity to do so. We believe that technology should work for us, not the other way round.

Our Story

Reccefy came out of a personal need to book unique and affordable photography locations in Sydney. Having just returned from living and working as a photographer in London, our founder Andrew James was frustrated by the process/lack thereof to find a location that suited a brief. This was in stark contrast to the variety of location services and search sites that he had been using overseas. There are plenty of sites for job, real estate, and accommodation searches, so why was there nothing for photographers, directors, producers, location managers and other creatives to find and book space in one place?

Upon closer inspection, there were some websites that purported to offer this service, but they were all either clunky, dysfunctional, or didn’t offer an end-to-end solution from searching through to booking. In addition to this, all of these sites were primarily Business to Consumer, with no Peer-to-Peer offerings currently in the market.

So, Reccefy was born: a peer-to-peer, online platform to search, find, and book a creative space, through direct connection with the owner, in just a few clicks. Since then, the idea has developed further to effectively service the more niche needs of content creators, incorporating industry specific information and 360° photos on all location profiles to enable virtual “recces”.

Our Values

Sure Reccefy is an easy-to-use platform with great locations and big dreams, but we also believe in some really deep stuff.

As a company we value…

We believe in being honest and doing what you say you’ll do, so we do exactly that! We encourage our Hosts and Creators to communicate honestly and clearly, stay true to their word.

Bringing people together is at the centre of our business – we don’t just want to solve your location problems, we want to connect you with other people so that you can support each other. In an industry where competition can be a barrier, we genuinely believe that we are stronger together.

As a start-up, we’re in uncharted territory here – streamlining an industry that has done things the same way for a very long time – so we value your feedback. When you make suggestions on ways to do things faster, better, and more efficiently, we promise that we will listen.

In order to fully experience and engage in our community, you need to feel safe. At Reccefy safety and security are of utmost importance with policies and agreements in place to protect your information and keep you safe. We insist on insurance for all parties and encourage all Hosts and Creators to adhere to the highest of industry practises.

Our planet
We believe in being good stewards of this beautiful planet that we have been entrusted with. This means we prioritise environmentally friendly practises from recycling to clean energy, and we encourage our Hosts and Creators to do the same wherever they can.

Differences are what fill the world with life and colour and we are proud that Reccefy is a community filled with people from all walks of life. Discrimination isn’t okay no matter whether it is based on someone’s race, religious beliefs, worldview, abilities, background, or anything that makes them different to you.

Fair dealings
There is a fine line between doing things legally and doing them ethically and when it comes to industrial conditions and pay, we encourage our users to lift their aim to the latter. We believe in paying people fairly for a day’s work, and that includes paying people equally regardless of their gender. There are lots of great organisations fighting for fair dealings in this area and we salute and champion them. Check out the work of WIFT, Raising Films, and of course the MEAA who recently ran the great “Get Real on Rates” campaign.

IP protection
Like with industrial issues, there are some grey areas to the law in this area, but we stand for taking the higher moral road. Our industry is built on the premise that people’s ideas are worth something and pirated and illegitimately streamed content threaten this ideal. Check out the great work that Creative Content Australia is doing to lobby governments and industry bodies to bring about change to legislation and practises to protect the value of creative content.

Job creation
It may seem counterintuitive to say that we value job creation when we are clearly and intentionally disrupting an industry. However, when you look closely, Reccefy offers the production industry time and budget savings which will, in time, open up more jobs and create additional revenue streams. Similar to well known peer-to-peer accommodation platforms, we hope to see services like; local cleaning and property management companies flourish. We also see our platform being a great tool in the hands of councils, scouts and location managers. It’s no secret that budgets in the content industry are getting smaller everyday, so why not get creative about it and help us open new opportunities in our industry?

Thanks for getting to know us a little better.

Andrew & the Reccefy team