Whilst we’d love to have every location known to man on our books, we know that this just isn’t possible… well, from day one anyway.


If you’ve ended up here and are still having trouble finding that certain location, we’d love to invite you to try our Bespoke Scouting Service.

How It Works

Simply tell us,

  • when – date, desired call time and length of shoot
  • where – general area you’d like to shoot in
  • who – how many people will you be bringing to the location
  • what – Hosts love to know what you’ll be getting up to in their space

What It Costs

We charge a simple full day ($500) and half day ($300) rate for scouting. If you end up booking one of the locations that we scouted for you, we will even deduct the Service Fee (15% of the Location Fee) from our Bespoke Scouting invoice.

Hire A Scout