Conscious. /ˈkɒnʃəs/ Deliberate or intentional. She made a conscious effort to do the right thing.

Our Creators are top notch! They make world-class creative works, from photo shoots, to corporate video content, and even indie films. To aspire to the level of our coolest Creators, make sure you read and agree to our Creator Agreement and then check out some tips below that work for the greatest amongst us.


Our best Creators are all unique and individual, but they are great in a lot of the same ways too.

Conscious Creators are;

Communication is key to make sure that everyone is on the same page. When your Host gets in touch, take the time to say a quick hello and acknowledge that you’ve read their Location Guidelines. Ask any questions that you have well in advance of your booking – don’t be emailing CAPS LOCK SHOUTING at 11pm the night before, when normal non-production are asleep. Also, our best Creators stick to their promises. If you say you’ll turn up at a certain time, do. If you think you’ll go overtime, give your Host as much notice as possible. It’s just good manners. It’s also nice when Hosts and Creators stay in touch, especially when it’s long enough to share links to the finished Creative Work.
The Reccefy community is diverse and it’s something that we’re super proud of! Conscious Creators treat everyone equally, whether it’s Hosts, Crew, other Creators, or members of the general public. Discrimination isn’t okay no matter whether it is based on someone’s race, religious beliefs, worldview, abilities, background, or anything that makes them different to you.
Conscious Creators expect the best, but prepare for the worst. This means taking all necessary care for the safety and wellbeing of their cast and crew. Maybe this is as simple as having a first aid kit and water available on set, or it could mean having a full time nurse on set… it all depends on the size and scope of the shoot. Insurance is also a big part of being prepared. See our Resources section below for how to take out insurance if you don’t already have a suitable policy.
A good rule of thumb is to leave your location better than you found it. To do this, Conscious Creators take pictures on arrival to make sure everything goes back in the same place. Use common sense; wash any dishes you use, don’t leave a warzone in the bathrooms, and make sure you protect the floors from scratching, scuffing or staining. Also, maybe this goes without saying, but taking stuff that doesn’t belong to you is stealing and a crime, so don’t do it.
Environmentally friendly
Here at Reccefy, we pride ourselves on minimising the impact that the production industry has on our environment. Try implementing some of these tips and make Elon Musk proud!

  • Minimise landfill: provide reusable water bottles & coffee cups for your cast and crew – you could even make fancy branded ones! Also make sure you have recycling bins for glass, metals and paper and encourage their use. If you have any leftover catering, donate it to a charity like OzHarvest. You might not be able to use it all, but there are people out there who can.
  • Save the trees: send call sheets via email and send and sign contracts electronically.
  • Lower your carbon emissions: Where possible, use LED lighting or solar power, and encourage crew members to share rides, cycle, or catch public transport to and from set.

You can find more tips for making your production environmentally friendly on the google machine, or by visiting the Green Production Guide (it’s written in American, but we’re pretty sure you’ll get the gist).

Rule Keepers
Conscious Creators play by the rules – that goes for laws, industry standards, and moral expectations. They only engage in legal activities (that means no naughty movies or illicit drugs please!) and report any illegal activity to the relevant authorities as soon as it comes to their attention. They pay people and they pay them fairly. Sure “collaborations” happen, but if someone isn’t being paid and they’re not really getting anything out of the project, is that fair? Check out the rules for so-called “internships” here and make sure you check in with the MEAA about award rates.


After reading all of that it might feel like there is a lot expected of you as a Creator and, we’re not going to beat around the bush, there is! We’ve set the bar high to make sure that we attract only the very best from the creative community. Don’t forget though, being a Reccefy Creator also carries a lot of benefits that you may miss out on by going it alone in the industry.

As a Conscious Creator you will;

Feel safe
Reccefy provides a type of “gated community” within which to find Locations. Only legitimate spaces are approved and Hosts are reviewed so that you can hand pick those that you choose to engage with. Secure payment methods and compulsory insurance are just some of the ways that we strive to give you confidence in your location bookings on our platform.
Have options
Finding a location can be like finding a needle in a haystack – the beauty of Reccefy is that we’ve done all of the pavement pounding for you! You can find hundreds of locations in one place, simply with the click of a button.
Save time
Forget doing a recce to a location, only to have to start the search again when you discover that the ceiling height is too low, or there isn’t enough light. Reccefy’s signature virtual recce provides you with all of the industry specific information, as well as a 360° walkthrough, so you (and your crew) can ‘visit’ the location in advance of your shoot, without even leaving your home or office!
Save money
Let’s get real – Locations are a big part of content budgets and budgets are only getting smaller. This is why Reccefy was born – to find unique locations, quickly, simply and without blowing the budget. By connecting Creators and Hosts with each other directly, less money is spent on briefs, pulls, and scouts, with more left to make great content.


You’re here because you need the right Location for your creative work – maybe you’ve got heaps of experience in the content industry… maybe you don’t. Either way, we want to make the journey as easy as possible for you, so we’ve created this little toolkit of resources to help you on your way.

Location Agreement
This is the agreement between you and the Host about the use of the Location. You may or may not have heard of a Location Agreement before, but some form of this agreement is usually signed between the Location and Producer when filming takes place, to make sure that the proper permissions are granted. Our Host and Creator Agreements both include reference to this which makes it binding once you have both signed up to Reccefy, but, if it makes you feel better, you can even print this agreement out and get the Host to sign it on the day! You can check out the full Agreement here.
Insurance Connection
You may have noticed in your Creator Agreement that we require you to have Public Liability Insurance for your production. This is a pretty standard requirement for all producers that hire a location for a shoot. Don’t have it? No stress. We’ve made buddies with a few insurers who can help you out.  Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up.