As a growing startup we value questions. We’ve put together a list of questions asked by our early adopters along with answers below. If your question isn’t here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer it.



How much does it cost to become a Host on Reccefy?

Nada. Zilch. Zip. Nothing. Listing your property on Reccefy is 100% free of charge. Furthermore, what you charge is what you get (minus a small transaction fee from Stripe). Our costs are recouped by charging the Creators a 15% service fee, which is much less than most of them are spending on searching for locations already. It’s a win win. We hope to be able to offer premium features (like featured listings) to our Hosts in the future, which may incur a small charge.

How do payments work?

There is no invoicing or money management required when you list your property on Reccefy. Payments are streamlined through a very trustworthy online payment system called Stripe, used by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even the Salvos & Unicef! Payment will be processed to you 14 days after the booking has been made by the Creator.

Why should I list my space?

Why not? You could make extra money, meet talented Creators, and maybe even make a cameo appearance! There is so much to gain from putting your space to work when you’re not using it.

Who controls the listing?

You! Hosts are free to set their own price and are responsible for uploading pictures, details and availability to their Location Profile. Of course, you are free to take down a listing at any time. See information about how to do this here.

Can I list more than one property?

Of course! Just set up your Host account and then you can go through the process of creating multiple Location Profiles under that account.

What if there are a few different types of locations within my space?

In order to streamline bookings and minimise the need for lots of communication about which areas the Creator would like to use, we recommend dividing your space into separate locations. If your space is a residential house then you might decide to create three separate Location Profiles; one for your frontyard, one for your homes interior, and another for your backyard. This also helps to open up your space to Creators who may have smaller requirements (and a consequently smaller budget) and means that you can specify different footprints according to the capacity of each specific location.

I run a full-time business from my space. Is it still worth listing?

Absolutely! You’d be surprised by how flexible Creators are willing to be in order to find the right location. If your space is used during business hours, you may find that a production is happy to do a night shoot to work around you. You Location Profile gives you the opportunity to clearly mark which hours the space isn’t available, so that Creators know exactly when it is free for them to be Creative in.

How do I protect my space from damage?

In our experience, film and photography production crews are generally very upstanding people and do their best to care for locations that they use. Having said that, it is normal to be nervous about lending your space to people you’ve never met. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your space is protected;

  • Choose well reviewed Creators
  • Use your Location Guidelines to specify how you would like your space cared for
  • Ask Creators to show you a copy of their insurance to make sure that they have the necessary cover (you can even have them list you as an “Interested Party”)

Take out your own insurance as well. Get in touch with us if you need us to recommend a broker.

How do I remove a Location Profile?

You are welcome to remove a Location Profile at any time. Simply contact us to let us know that you’re no longer interested in offering your space as a location on Reccefy and we will respond to confirm the removal within 7 days.

How long will filming take?

Generally shoot days are 10 to 12+ hours in length but these hours are not always spent all in one place. This is the reason behind our flexible hourly pricing structure! You may find that only have creators in your space for as little as an hour or two. Each production is unique so it is important to discuss the length of the shoot, as well as the possibility of overtime and reshoots with the Creator in advance.

What if a shoot goes overtime or requires a reshoot?

Hosts always need to be a bit flexible with timings as things can run longer than planned. We recommend having an overtime policy marked clearly in your Location Guidelines, which specifies how much you charge per hour of overtime and how much notice must be given.
Sometimes, once they are in the edit, Creators may discover that they need to do reshoots. It is absolutely at your discretion whether you approve an additional booking, although it is usually the nice thing to do! We recommend that you discuss the possibility of reshoots (or “pickups” as they are sometimes called) with the Creator in advance to make sure that you can come up with an option that you’re both happy with. It’s a good idea to also include these details in your Location Guidelines as well.

Can I stay to watch the shoot?

Of course, in fact, we encourage it! Having a production shoot in your space is such an exciting thing, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Being there on the day may help allay your fears and you can make sure that everything goes back in the right place.
Please note that although they should allow you to be present if you wish, Creators will be very busy during a shoot so please be sensitive to this. Also, you may need to keep details of the shoot confidential and refrain from posting on social media – just check with the Creator about the production’s policy on this.

How much can I expect to earn from my space?

There are many factors to consider when deciding what to charge Creators to use your space, with prices generally varying from $50 to $500 per hour. We recommend that our Hosts offer affordable pricing as an hourly rate based on a number of factors; the quality and size of their space, supply and demand of the type of space available and the costs involved in holding the space. Don’t worry; you can also set a minimum amount of hours for each booking. We also ask Hosts to offer their pricing in four footprint tiers so that productions of different sizes & impacts pay accordingly. For tips on what to charge for your space, check out similar locations on the site, or contact us for advice.

What are the requirements for photos on my Location Profile?

Check out our Image Guidelines for full details on our recommendations for who should photograph your space, how many images you should take and tips to taking the best images.

Do I have to provide power (electricity) for Creators?

It’s totally up to you, but we recommend making power available in spaces where it is an option, as this will increase the number of Creators who are able to use your space. It is a good idea to consider whether or not you will have power included when you are setting your hourly rate. There is a section on your Location Profile to include details of available power, but you should only include this here if you are including it as a part of your price.

Will I have to tidy up after the Creator leaves?

Creators are required to return your property to the way that they found it once they are finished, and we recommend that they take pictures of where everything is set before they move anything, to make this easier. If you’re concerned, you may choose to charge a compulsory cleaning fee, just be sure to mention it on the Location Profile and include details in your Location Guidelines.

Can I get a credit in the finished film?

In some cases, yes. Because of the wide variety of productions that our Creators make, we’ve left the traditional credit clause out of our Location Agreement, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t request a credit from the Creator. In some cases this will be easy, but in others it won’t be possible. If the piece is a film or episode with standard credits at the end then you may receive a “with thanks” or “shot on location at” credit, although productions like branded pieces and still photography shoots simply don’t provide the opportunity for credits. If you are going to request a credit, just make sure that you bring it up early on, so that the Creator can let you know if it will be possible well in advance.

How do I get started?

Simply go to Add Your Space and follow the steps to set up a Host account and then create a Location Profile for your first location. From there you can add as many locations as you wish!



How much does it cost to use Reccefy?

Searching for a location is completely free! Lots of similar sites offer subscription packages, but on Reccefy you just need to create a login in to view your search results. Our business model involves charging a 15% service fee, once you book a location. This means if you are paying $100 p/hr for a location, you’ll end up paying a total of $115 p/hr through Reccefy. We think this is a pretty good deal for the luxury of completing your recce from the comfort of your laptop… don’t you?!
Some locations may charge added extras to be managed directly with the Host, like bond, security, or cleaning fees. These fees are all very clearly marked on each listing, so you know exactly what you’re in for before booking.

How does payment work?

We aim to be a streamlined service, which means that you find, book and pay for your location all on our platform. We use a service called Stripe Connect to process and distribute funds and is a very safe way of making online payments. If you’ve ever processed an online payment through places like Lyft, Deliveroo, Shopify, SAP, Unicef or the Salvation Army, you’ve likely used Stripe before. Stripe is so secure that it has received the highest level of safety accreditation available in the payments industry. For more information on Stripe’s security, click here.
Although we do make sure that our own site is secure, rest assured, Reccefy actually doesn’t keep your financial details on file anyway.

How can I be sure I’m booking a great location?

We are constantly reviewing our locations to make sure we are offering you the best that there are! A good way to know if someone from Reccefy has verified a location is to keep an eye out for an official Reccefy 360° image. Additionally, our review system will allow you to see how other Creators have rated a property in the past. We encourage you to pay it forward and leave reviews for any locations you use.

Do I need insurance?

It’s standard practice in Australia that production companies have Public Liability cover for all shoots and it is a requirement of making a booking through Reccefy. If you don’t have this cover, and want us to point you in the right direction, Get in touch!

Can I book council and government locations through Reccefy too?

At this stage we only offer private locations, but are in discussions with several local & state government bodies, including those that represent heritage properties. We hope to be able to partner with these organisations to streamline their approvals process in the future. If you find one such location that you’d like to see on Reccefy, let us know, and feel free to let them know that you’d like to book through our platform too!

What if I still need to do a Recce?

Our promise is to do “Reconnaissance for you”, but we know that sometimes, particularly on larger budget projects, a recce will still be necessary. We’re working hard to offer the option of ‘penciling in’ multiple locations as options, to give you the flexibility you need to undergo a physical recce before making your decision. All of our hosts are open to visits, just use the “Contact Host” function to do so before making your booking.

My project has a very low budget. Can Reccefy really work for me?

Yes! As with all location bookings, prices vary, but we recommend that our Hosts offer affordable pricing based on a number of factors; the quality and size of their space, supply and demand of the type of space available and the costs involved in holding the space. Best of all, Reccefy’s flexible pricing structure allows you to book a space by the hour and according to the footprint of your production, giving you total control over your project budget.

How do I get started?

Simply go to the Reccefy homepage and start a search for a location. To view the results you will be prompted to Sign up as a Creator. Follow the steps and book locations until your heart’s content!



How long has Reccefy been around?

We’ve been manually testing the concept of Reccefy with a select group of early adopters since September 2016, with the website launching to the public in the first half of 2018.

Why was Reccefy started?

In short, Reccefy was founded by photographer Andrew James to help solve his own location scouting needs. You can find a longer version of the Reccefy origin story, as well as more info about us here.

How on earth do I say your name?!

Don’t worry, we get that a lot. Phonetically it is /rɛkɪ,faɪ/, but you can find more examples on how to say it as well as more info about us here.

When will Reccefy be coming to a town/city near me?

We’re starting out in Sydney Australia with plans to expand rapidly both regionally and to other capital cities before branching out to Asia Pacific. If we’re not yet in your area and you want us to be, please get in touch.

What about location managers and scouts? Aren’t you just taking their jobs?

We at Reccefy have been working on the ground with the incredible people in the film and photography industries for a long time. We have so much respect for the work of Location Managers and Scouts and will never completely replace what they can do in person. Our remit is not to remove the need for these people, rather to assist producers who aren’t able to hire location personnel anyway and are snowed under trying to manage too much of a production on their own. We also see Reccefy as a great resource for Location Managers, and hope that they will find it useful in their never-ending search for the perfect location!


If your question wasn’t found in the above list we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch with us.