Hospitable. /hɒˈspɪtəb(ə)l/ Friendly and welcoming to visitors or guests. They found him to be hospitable, offering tea, coffee and kind words on their arrival.

Our Hosts not only have great locations, but they’re great people too! If you’re ready to join the ranks, make sure you read and agree to our Host Agreement to find out exactly what is involved. We’ve also compiled a few tips from the most highly reviewed amongst our community, on how to become a “Hospitable Host”, that is, the best kind of Host!


Our best Hosts share a lot of common qualities that make them awesome.

Hospitable Hosts are;

Communication is key to all good relationships and the Host/Creator relationship is no exception to this rule. We recommend responding to enquiries and booking requests within 24 hours.
We are proud that the Reccefy community is made up of a wide range of people and Hospitable Hosts treat everyone equally. Discrimination isn’t okay no matter whether it is based on someone’s race, religious beliefs, worldview, abilities, background, or anything that makes them different to you. The Reccefy community is diverse and that’s a big part of what makes it awesome.
Hospitable Hosts are organised and ready when Creators come calling (or clicking, in this case!) They have their Location Guidelines set up, ready to tweak for specific bookings if necessary, they keep their profile updated and hold all necessary insurance. We have found that Hosts who are prepared and organised with the little things get less questions from Creators and spend less time on each booking. When all’s said and done, the whole idea of Reccefy is to make the process simpler for everyone!
Our best Hosts are organised with the little things too! Like leaving their space clean and tidy for their Creators, securing any animals (or taking them to a neighbour for the day), and making sure the Wifi is working (if they offer it). It’s these little details that can make a Creator’s shoot so much easier.
Speaking of being organised, have you checked that your insurance covers you as a Host? You may have noticed in our Host Agreement that we require all users, Hosts and Creators, to hold adequate insurance to protect everyone. See our Resources section below for how to take out insurance if you don’t already have a suitable policy.
When completing your Location Profile & Location Guidelines, it’s important to be as honest as possible. Don’t try to hide quirky details – remember that stories take place in all sorts of weird and wonderful places! The quirks of your Location might be the very reason that a Creator wants to book it, but it’s important that they can see in advance what they are getting so that they know if it is going to work for their project. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you keep your profile updated if there are any changes, particularly the images.
No one likes a blabbermouth – it’s as true today as it was in 2nd grade! Our industry is filled with excitement and anticipation because, for the most part, we do a great job of keeping projects under wraps until the big reveal. Do the right thing by your Creators and keep the details of their project confidential until they are ready for you to tell people. For most projects, this simply involves having a quick chat to the Producer (or whoever is bossing it) to see when they’re okay for you to start talking/posting/etc. Some productions are fine with social media activity – we just think it’s more polite to check first.


If you’re thinking “there sure is a lot to being a Host!”, you’re not wrong, you play a HUGE part of our community. So we thought now would be a great time to take a quick break to remind you that being a Host can be richly rewarding too.

As a Hospitable Host you will;

Feel a sense of pride
Every wanted to see your place on the cover of a magazine? What about in a movie? Or maybe you just love the feeling of your space being appreciated by others? Being a Host provides you with the opportunity to share your space with the world and get a sense of self satisfaction for all of the hard work you’ve put into it.
Take part in creating
Everyone loves to be a part of something bigger than themselves and being a part of a creative endeavour is especially rewarding. Wouldn’t you love to know that you (and your location) have been a part of creating something out of nothing?
Make new friends
The sharing economy is popular, not just because it provides people with access to stuff, but because of the connections that long outlast the transactions. Reccefy is a place to meet interesting people – directors, producers, artists, photographers – and help them make their creative works.
Gain financial rewards
Let’s not beat around the bush – the biggest motivator for a lot of our Hosts is the dollar dollar bills. And why not use your available space to generate additional income? Creators will always need Locations to make their content and Reccefy offers them a cost effective solution. By bringing Creators and Hosts together, less money is spent on briefs, pulls, and scouts, with more left to make great content.


You’re here because you have a great Location – maybe you’ve got heaps of experience in the content industry… maybe you don’t. Either way, we want to make the journey as easy as possible for you, so we’ve created this little toolkit of resources to help you on your way.

Location Guidelines template
As stated in your Host Agreement you are required to send every Creator that books your space a set of “Location Guidelines” detailing the specifics about your Location that are confidential or can’t be included on your Location Profile. These guidelines also act as a way to connect you and the Creator in case they have future questions. To make this as simple as possible for you, we’ve created a template for these Location Guidelines here.
Location Agreement
This is the agreement between you and the Creator about the usage of your space as a Location. You may or may not have heard of a Location Agreement before, but some form of this agreement is usually signed between the Location and Producer when filming takes place, to make sure that the proper permissions are granted. Our Host and Creator Agreements both include reference to this which makes it binding once you have both signed up to Reccefy, but, if it makes you feel better, you can even print this agreement out and get the Creator to sign it on the day! You can check out the full Agreement here.
Image Guidelines
One of the big ways that Reccefy is revolutionising the location industry is by providing Creators with enough information about locations to reduce their need to do physical recces. A big part of that is ensuring that the images in each Location Profile are an accurate reflection of the look and feel of the location. For tips and tricks on how to take and upload the best images, check out the little cheat sheet we’ve put together called “Image Guidelines
Insurance Connection
You may have noticed in your Host Agreement that we require you to have Public Liability Insurance for your property. This is a pretty standard requirement for all owners of properties that enter into a commercial use agreement. Don’t have it? No stress. We’ve made buddies with a few insurers who can help you out. Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up.