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Our goal is to make hiring out your space simple. Whether you’re a business or an individual, chances are you’re busy enough and don’t want to worry about advertising, invoicing and fielding generic questions from every Tom, Dick and Harriet. Here’s how it works…

1. Choose A Space

Whether it’s your whole house, store front, cafe, backyard, unit’s rooftop or a caravan in your driveway, someone wants to film or take photos there. We find that the spaces which make the best locations aren’t always the most expensive or beautiful, but are unique enough to play their part in telling a story. The best locations are often quiet, spacious, accessible, and they often have natural light and unique features.

2. Sign In/Create An Account

It’s free to add your space, receive booking requests and hire it out with Reccefy. What you charge a Creator is what you earn (minus a small transaction fee from Stripe). We cover our costs by adding a 15% service fee, paid by the Creator, on top of your Location Fee. All you need is an email address, a space and the right to hire out that space. Your Host account is automatically created when you add your first space.

3. Add Your Space

Simply complete the Location Profile form on the Add Your Space page. This shouldn’t take long, but we do encourage you to provide as much accurate information as possible to help reduce any unnecessary enquiries. Once submitted, we’ll review it and before you know it, it will be available as a fully bookable location.

4. Link Your Account

Chances are that you’d probably like to be paid for Creators using your space at some point. For this reason, you must nominate a bank account for us to payout into. We’ve integrated Stripe Connect into our platform which allows us to take payments from Creators on your behalf before depositing funds into your nominated account. You can learn more about this process in our Host Agreement.

5. Accept or Decline Bookings

Once you receive a request, you will be asked to accept or decline the booking within 48hrs. You’ll receive an email with all of the booking details along with a short description of what the Creator’s project is and a link to view their profile.

6. Prepare Your Creator

Once the Creator has paid for their upcoming booking you’ll be notified by email and prompted to send them the exact address of your location, along with any other important things the Creator should know about using your space (we call these “Location Guidelines”).

7. Host Your Creator

There’s not a lot expected of a Host on the day besides opening your door and letting the crew in, especially if you’ve effectively prepared your Creator by sending them your guidelines in advance. You can get a example copy of this in our Hospitable Hosts article.

8. Rate/Review Creators

Reccefy is a community and we like to keep our community healthy and happy. To help with this, we’ve made it possible to rate and review after your booking in order to promote excellence and to help you decide who to interact with in the future.
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Our goal is to make location scouting simple. No more pounding the pavement, Google Earth searches or lengthy facebook posts. We connect you directly with people who have the space that you need. Here’s how it works…

1. Search For A Location

Type a keyword into the search field, click on a category icon, or choose one of our featured locations and you’re off.

2. Sign In/Create An Account

It’s 100% free to search and browse the locations listed on Reccefy. The only thing we do ask is that you create an account and be apart of our community.

3. Refine Your Search

Too many results? Try filtering them further. Not enough results? Give us time, we’re still growing. In the meantime our Bespoke Scouting Service may also be able to help.

4. Take A Virtual Recce

We believe that if you have the right information, (i.e. images, light, noise, power, parking, ceiling height, accessibility,) you may not need to do a physical recce, which could save you and a Host valuable time. If you still need a physical recce, just contact the Host via their location profile to work out a time that suits you both.

5. Make A Booking

Simply select the number of hours you need, how many people will be on set (footprint), a date, and a call time, then click Request Booking. It’s also a great idea to tell the Host a little bit about your project, which you can do before you confirm your request.

6. Pay For Booking

You’ll hear back from the Host regarding your request within 48hrs and, if your request is accepted, you’ll have a further 48hrs to pay through our site using the Stripe Inc. Payment Gateway. You’ll also notice a 15% Service Fee has been added, this is the only cost for using our site, covering the searching and booking process, including payment processing fees and legals (location agreement).

7. Create At Your Location

Your Host will send you the exact address of their location and some other important information you may need on the day. Whether you’re a veteran or new to the biz, we recommend that you check out this article for tips and tricks on how to be a Conscious Creator to ensure a great experience for everyone.

8. Rate/Review Location

Reccefy is a community and we like to keep our community healthy and happy. To help with this, we’ve made it possible to rate and review after your booking in order to promote excellence and to help you decide who to interact with in the future.

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Still have questions? Head over to our FAQs page or reach out to us directly here.